Regarding Nutritionists, Duties and Conditions that Require Consultation

Nutritionists are specialists whose job is to provide advice and information to patients about nutrition management and health problems, involved in the diagnosis and treatment of health problems related to nutrition and nutrition. Nutritionists are special professions, people who devote themselves in the field of nutrition and have knowledge and or skills through a special education in nutrition. Nutritionists have an important role especially in regulating nutrition in special groups, including people with cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, or in pregnant women, as well as society as a whole. Not only learns how nutrients are digested, absorbed, used, stored, and released by the body, clinical nutrition also learns about the relationship between food and nutrients with health and nutrition-related diseases, both acute and chronic. In addition, nutrition also studies its relation to metabolic processes in the aspects of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health. Duties and Rol
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